Hello, I'm Kristina.

Nice to meet you!

Thanks for visiting my website. I'm a third year student at Oregon State University studying Computer Science with an option in Mobile and Web Application Development. I enjoy using Vue.js and Node.js, and my favorite programming language is C++. Feel free to navigate around my page and get to know me a little bit better.

About Me

In my spare time, I love playing music. I play keyboard percussion instruments such as the marimba and vibraphone, and I'm a Drum Corps International World Championships 2017 Semi-Finalist. I've also competed at the 2018 WGI Percussion World Championships. I can also play the flute and a single song on the piano (though I'm not very good at either of them anymore, sadly).

Fun fact, the photo above was taken on the balcony of the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan! I studied abroad in downtown Tokyo for 5 months at Aoyaka Gakuin University. Some of my favorite places in Japan include:

And to see some photos of the places I've visited while studying abroad, click here.


Here are some projects that I've worked on. Links to the project repository are at the top of each project PDF.

To see my full experience, see my resume.

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